updated 6 July

Day 1 (Friday, 6 July) at Sophia University (Building 2,  17F,  1702)

17:00 -18:30   Plenary Lecture  

Alan Bewell and Nahoko Miyamoto Alvey, "Frankenstein and Manga"

18:30 Conference Reception 

Day 2 (Saturday, 7 July) at Tokyo University (KOMCEE EAST)

9:10-10:20  Plenary Lecture

Seamus Perry, "Coleridgean Politics"

10:20-10:40 Tea / Coffee Break


Parallel Session 1: "Romantics and the Orient"

Bo-Yuan Huang, "'uncircumscribed by any element': Charles Lamb and the Orient"

Kang-yen Chiu, "The Romantic Generation of Modern Chinese Writers and the Regeneration of

Walter Scott’s Popularity in the Early Twentieth Century"

Parallel Session  2:  "Romantic Heritages in Novels"

Min-Hua Wu, "Romantic Regeneration in the Victorian Novel:

The Getting On of Jane Eyre"

Kazuko Hisamori, "Romantic Transitions: Portraits from Walpole to Wilde"

Hatsuyo Shimazaki, "Romantic Subjectivity and the Group Voice from Persuasion to Mrs Dalloway:

Jane Austen’s Art of Narration towards Modernism"

12:10-13:30 Lunch (MM Hall)


Parallel Session 3: "Romanticism and Victorian Poetry"

Chris Murray, "Glimpses of Xanadu in Sara Coleridge’s ‘Lotos Eaters’"

David Sigler, "The Future of Romanticism: On Lime-Trees and Ivy in Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Aurora Leigh"

Divya A, "Romantic Re-visitations in Toru Dutt’s Victorian Indian Poem “Our Casuarina Tree” (1881)"

Parallel Session 4: "Romanticism Regenerated in Asia"

Li-hsin Hsu, " “My Byron’s foot”: The Romantic Quest and the Quest for Romanticism in Chou Meng-tieh’s Lonely County (1959)"

Ve-Yin Tee, "Regenerating Ruins: The Story of Singapore Stone"

15:00-15:20 Tea / Coffee Break 


Parallel Session 5: "Romantic Afterlives"

Minne Tanaka, "Blake and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood"

Maho Sakoda, "Studies After the Elgin Marbles: William Hazlitt’s Writings and the Victorian Photographs"

Amy Garnai, "Thomas Holcroft's Afterlives: Drama, Melodrama, Autobiography and Romantic Regeneration"

Parallel Session 6: "Romanticism and Japan"

Matthew Mewhinney, "Romanticism, Hysteria, and the Crisis of Form in Masaoka Shiki’s Deathbed Narratives"

Takehiro Hashimoto, "Relocating the Local in the Global Literary Society: Natsume Sōseki and Romanticism"

Tomoko Nakagawa, "An Ukiyo-e Artist Regenerating the Cultural “Other”: Kobayashi Kiyochika and Frankenstein"

16:50-17:00 Tea / Coffee Break


 David Vallins, "Romantic and Modernist Perspectives on Oriental Language and Thought"

Alex Watson, "Regenerating Romantic Marginality: Edgar Allan Poe’s notes for Al-Aaraaf (1829)"

18:30-20:30 Conference Dinner (MM Hall)

Day 3 (Sunday, 8 July) at Tokyo University


Parallel Session 7: "Romantic Aestheticism in the Fin-de-Siecle and Modernism"

Chiaki Kato, "Romantic Palimpsest: Coleridge, Pater, and Rossetti"

Kaz Oishi, "Hearn, Romanticism, and the Diaphanous"

Daichi Ishikawa, "Regenerating Romantic Curiosity: A Tradition in Pater, Eliot and Nishiwaki"

10:30-10:50 Tea / Coffee Break

10:50-12:00 Plenary Lecture

Tim Barringer, "“A Victorian Diptych: Romantic Regenerations in Art, Architecture and Music by Pugin and Dyce”"

12:00-13:10 Lunch (MM Hall)


Parallel Session 8: "Romanticism beyond the Modern"

Saeko Yoshikawa, "The Poetry of Motion: Early Motorists’ Romantic Visions"

Amanda Davis, "Echoes of Ambivalence: Shelleyan Laughter in the Poetry of Louis McNeice"

Damian Shaw, "William Wordsworth’s pastoral poem “Michael”, and Chen Kaige’s short film “100 Flowers Hidden Deep”: Exploring the Resonances"

Parallel Session 9: "Keats, Asia, and Existentialism"

Eva Jenke, "Implications of John Keats’ Heartfelt Skepticism. A comparison of the Romantic and the Existentialist Worldview"

Sunghyun Jang, "The Korean Reception of Romanticism: Kim Yeong-nang’s Reimagining of Keats’s Nightingale"

Suh-Reen Han, "Traveling Lyric: Keats in Kim Yeong-Nang"

14:40-14:50 Tea / Coffee Break 


Parallel Session 10: "Romanticism in the Universal / Global Context"

Naomi Billingsley, "Poetic Genius: Blake as Prophet of Universal Religion"

Jerry Weng, "The Global Context of Byron’s Sardanapalus and Its Afterlives"

Parallel Session 11: "Yeats and Beckett"

Bobo Wong, "Watt is a Romanticist: Samuel Beckett and His Modern Hero"

Kazuo Oikawa, "W. B. Yeats: An Irish and /or English Romantic Poet"


Panel Session:  Reviewing Romantic Regenerations