Romantic Regenerations 

An International Conference

6-8 July 2018

The University of Tokyo (Komaba Campus) & 

Sophia University (Yotsuya Campus)

This conference explores various ways and forms in which Romantic texts were regenerated in later periods, especially in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, in the Asian as well as Anglo-European contexts. A special focus will be given on the texts and arts which echoed, reshaped, and revised the texts of English Romanticism in the Victorian and Modernist periods, but papers on any related themes and subjects in any regions are most welcome. It hopes to examine various aspects of the regenerations and receptions of Romanticism.

Plenary Lecturers: 

Prof. Seamus Perry (Oxford University)
Prof. Alan Bewell (Toronto University)
Prof. Tim Barringer (Yale University)

Funded by 

JSPS [Kaken 15H03187]  ‘Modes and Phases of Cultural Negotiations: Receptions and Regenerations of Romantic Texts’ (Headed by Kaz Oishi, The University of Tokyo)

JSPS [Kaken 16H03396] 'The Textual Configuration of Modern British Women Authors and Otherness: Sensibility, Institutionalisation, and Colonies' (Headed by Kimiyo Ogawa, Sophia University)

Co-hosted by

The Victorian Studies Society of Japan

Conference Committee

Kaz Oishi (Professor, The University of Tokyo)

David Vallins (Professor, Hiroshima University)

Stephen H. Clark (Professor, The University of Tokyo)

Nahoko Alvey Miyamoto (Professor, The University of Tokyo)

Tristanne Connolly (Associate Professor, University of Waterloo)

Kimiyo Ogawa (Associate Professor, Sophia University)

Laurence Williams (Associate Professor, Sophia University)

Alex Watson (Associate Professor, Nagoya University)